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Internal gear pump - Model 1A / 1AWO

Feature 1A
This 1A type of internal gear pump is a light, compact and inexpensive pump. The pump is ideal to transfer hydraulic oil and lubricant oil. The max. flow rate and discharge pressure are 8.1L/min and 0.5MPa, respectively. 
The max. temp. is as follows:
  • VF version (high temperature) 120ºC
  • WO version (bunker oil, coolant water) 150ºC
  • IME version (dedicated motor) 120ºC
The set pressure of the VB (with relief valve) is usually 0.3Mpa while the rotation direction is counter-clockwise as seen from the end of the shaft.
Special applications pump 1AWO

Special PTFE (Teflon®) type seals are used in the 1AWO to prevent deterioration of sealing capability due to chemical reaction with coolant water or bunker oil.

Regarding the flow rate, as the viscosity of bunker oil and coolant water is relatively low, flow rates of the WO version are approximately 60% of that of the standard pumps with ISO-VG46 at 40ºC. Although the maximum

temperature of the 1AWO is 150ºC, a pump for higher temperatures can be developed. Please consult with Fuji Techno about a WO pump for higher temp.