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Internal gear pump - Relief valves

Relief valve

This valve is for the protection of a pump and a motor. There are 2 types of the valve, namely the internal-return type (VB)and the external-return type (VD).

  • FTP pumps are typically used for oil. For requirements using the FTP pump with other types of liquid, or under special conditions, please contact Fuji Techno in advance for support. 
  • A filter must be installed in the suction side.
  • Plumbing needs to be as short as possible and should not have any acute bends.
  • Resistance of a suction side has to be 0.03MPa or less. (A pressure in the suction side must be - 0.03MPa or less). 
  • Except the WO and the PL versions, where the suction pressure needs to be 0.2MPa or less. 
  • Please avoid rapid heat up or cool down. The temperature difference has to be 40oC or less and change gradually a temperature. 
  • When plumbing in the pump, please pay maximum attention to the tightening torque. The allowable tightening torque is as follows. Guide for selection of pump