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Internal gear pump - Model 3H / 3HWO / 3HPL


Features 3H:

The 3H pump is a large capacity pump for high pressure. The max. flow rates and discharge pressures are 117 l/min or less and 4 MPa or less, respectively. This pump are widely used in hydraulic, lubrication and cooling applications. By operation in low rotations, the pump can feed liquid in viscosity exceeding 10,000 mm²/s. There are 4 models and many combinations of the rotation direction, the seal, the relief valve and the temperature range including the VH version.


Special application 3HWO pump:

Special PTFE (Teflon®) seals are used to isolate bearings from liquid so that wear of the bearings is minimized. Thus, the 3HWO is able to reach a long product life even with spray of waste oil or coolant liquid with slurry. The 3HWO can handle liquids up to the temperature of 150ºC. In case that it is required to handle temperatures higher than 150ºC is required, please consult with Fuji Techno. The suction pressure can be as high as the max. discharge pressure in the 3HWO.


Special application 3HPL pump:

By using special PTFE (Teflon®) seals to confine liquid between the seals, the liquid is prevented from contacting open air. The 3HPL is ideal to transfer air reactive chemicals such as isocyanate. The max. temperature the 3HPL can bear is 120ºC. If a temperature higher than 120ºC is required, please contact Fuji Techno for consultation. Because of the use of the seals, a suction pressure can be up to the max. discharge pressure in the 3HPL.