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Welcome to Control in Flow

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Welcome to Control In Flow, our new website bringing you information on the Fuji-Techno Industries range of triple plunger HY series Super Metering Pumps (SMP) and associated equipment.

SMP are precision instruments for feeding liquids accurately, at pre-determined volume, into a process or system.

The accuracy is essential for many applications such as micro-reactors, continuous flow reactors and many more processes besides.


Outstanding features of the HY series pumps:


- reproducible flow rate, accurate to 0.1%

- low pulsation with no cavitation

- accurate delivery of liquid even under varying pressure, material viscosity and temperature

- metal and non-metal heads to provide a pump solution for most applications


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Since their inception over 30 years ago, the HY super metering pumps have found application in many industries including:


Pharmaceutical - Cosmetics - Food

Foaming - Adhesive - Paint - Emulsions - Powders - Film - Tape - Coatings

Paper - Fiber - Cable - Building-Materials - Metal - Ship-Building - Automobile

Semiconductor - Electric-Appliances - Lab-Equipment

Recycling - Nuclear


Please call or email us to discuss any applications you may have!

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