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European Agents for Fuji-Techno Industries

Published Dec 8, 2009
HYM pump
Fuji HYM super metering pump
Fuji - cross section
Cross sectional view of the HYM tripple-plunger pump

Motor Technology, UK is the sole European agent for Fuji Techno Industries, Japan and its range of Super Metering Pumps (SMP).

SMP pumps are used in metering applications where a predetermined volume of liquid is pumped into a process or system with a very high degree of accuracy, better than 0.1% in the case of water, even under variable pumping conditions like discharge pressure, temperature or viscosity of fluid.

The pumps have three specially designed cams that discharge the required volume of fluid from three cylinders at a continually constant rate. The design of each plunger incorporates six phases of movement at increments of 60 degrees within one revolution of its respective cam.

The flow rate at the suction side is kept constant to minimize the possibility of cavitations and pulsation. The amount of fluid that can be pumped in one stroke cannot be kept constant if cavitation develops. The pump’s cams are designed to enable the plungers to deliver a constant volume of fluid from the three cylinders.

Fuji-Techno’s SMP pumps can handle all fluid viscosities from 0.01cP to 1,000cP and from 0 to 30,000psi. They cover a wide range of pumping requirements from 0.1mL/min up to 117.8L/min.

The pumps can be specified with solvent and corrosion resistant pump heads, cooling or heating jackets, and can be supplied to enable liquids of low and high temperature to be processed (-30 to +200°C).

Typical applications include chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer, aerospace, injection moulding, extruders, water treatment and paper industries.

For more information visit the Fuji-Techno website.