HY series Super Metering Pumps

Published Dec 8, 2009

Industry is placing increasingly higher demands on accuracy, performance, reliability and use-ability of products and systems. The rate of change means that we need the tools to enable us to develop, test, improve and upscale processes at a fast pace.

New methodology such as continuous flow processing and micro-reactor technology require equipment that gives controllable, re-producable performance.

HY flow reproduction

The Fuji-Techno HY series of Super Metering Pumps full-fill these demands on many levels.

  • PULSATION FREE feeding of liquids
  • HIGH ACCURACY liquid delivery. Discharging accuracy better than ±0.1% throughout a specified flow rate range. More accurate than a flow-meter!
  • HIGH STABILITY in the delivery of liquids. Super Metering Pumps are capable of maintaining a constant flow rate even with varying discharge pressure.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE because of high quality manufacturing and materials used.
  • LONG PERIOD QUALITY PERFORMANCE as there is little abrasion of the valve ball and valve seat.
  • UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY which combines the benefits of triple plunger arrangement with a special designed cam drive. This ensures SMP capability to provide highest accuracy and stability of flow under varying discharge rates.


  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical processing
  • Urethane and other resins
  • Chromatography
  • Explosives
  • Food processing
  • Film
  • Spraying and coating applications
  • Cosmetics
  • Line mixing for liquids
  • Feed for extruders
  • Water treatment

If you feel that Super Metering Pumps may benefit your process or application, please contact us with your requirements.